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ExtendedGT ADM Services: For All Future-Ready Businesses

ExtendedGT Application Development and Maintenance service helps organizations to enhance your information system and IT architecture by building smart and innovative applications that make them stand out in this digital world. 

Our Application Development Partners


Delivering cloud and data-driven solutions

Nuvento’s digital consulting services help businesses to scale up the digital journey from where you are with a phased, steady, secure, and sure approach to enterprise digital transformation.


As a fully-managed, multi-expertise technological platform, ExtendedGT perfectly blends the technical prowess and in-depth domain expertise of our multi-disciplinary team to develop intuitive and futuristic applicationsWe help industries to effectively manage business-oriented software applications for better results by delivering:

  • Organizes a detailed and thorough analysis and study of the current environment

  • Discovering better business opportunities that yield great results

  • Transforming your legacy systems by adhering to Next-Gen technologies

  • Follows the best industrial practices and techniques to meet organizational goals

  • Design, develop, and deploy smart, secure, and scalable business-focused solutions

Digital Transformation

Building Smarter Businesses for the Smart Customers

Get ready for an incredible digital transformation with ExtendedGT’s Application Development and Maintenance services. We help businesses to start an enduring digital journey that drives innovation, disruption, and expansion. Depending on the scope of your project, we allocate a ready-to-hire expert team that has the right expertise to modernize, digitize, and integrate your systems. Our end-to-end ADM Digital transformation services redefine the way modern businesses operate and deliver incredible customer experience by establishing a digitally-rich platform that explores the possibilities of digital transformation and innovation. We adopt an intelligent holistic approach to improve agility and make informed data-driven business decisions.

Business Alignment

Stay True To Your Business’s Vision & Mission Through Intelligent Convergence And Alignment

When it comes to Business-IT alignment, our role is to create a unified team to successfully incorporate the efficiency of best-in-class technologies and the technical skills of our well-seasoned professionals to increase the business growth and improve your Return on Investments.
At ExtendedGT, our experts define and deploy result-oriented business alignment strategies technology to integrate and align advanced technologies within your operational structure. With ExtendedGT, you can systematically synchronize your business and IT without spending too much on the latest technology and infrastructure. 

The benefits of ExtendedGT ADM Business Alignment Services:

  • Reduced time to market

  • Enhanced performance

  • Outstanding customer Experience

  • Improved Bottom-line

Accelerated Technology Outcomes

The Ultimate Technology Booster That Adds More Value To Your Business

Powered by the ExtendedGT ADM service model, we offer a full gamut of Application Development and Maintenance services that unleash the strong points of technology to (re)strategize your infrastructure and solutions. Our integrated platform of proven-professionals having multiple domain knowledge seamlessly transforms your organization and fosters continuous improvement to deliver desired technological outcomes.
ExtendedGT ADM services impressively manage your application portfolio that helps organizations to cancel out functional silos and deliver a better end user experience. Our predictive ADM strategy integrates modern technologies to maximize your operational efficiency.

Optimized IT Services & Delivery

The Mainstay of Next-Generation Business Solutions

IT assets and infrastructure are critical to every business operating in a highly complicated and dynamic digital environment. By harnessing the power of leading-edge technologies, we deliver optimized IT services that help your businesses gain an advantage over your old-technology contemporaries.
Our consolidated team of technocrats who are well-versed in different technologies comes together to provide an integrated suite of Application Development and Maintenance services that are designed to deliver optimized IT services to drive your business forward. At ExtendedGT, we offer optimized IT services and solutions that perfectly meet the requirements of each industry.

There’s no doubt that customer expectation is increasing like never before.  As the highly competitive digital market place leaves clear-cut clues about the importance of going digital, each industrial sector is leveraging the potential of software applications to meet their strategic growth goals. Application development and maintenance services are here to address the key concerns of your business and accelerate your digital growth to drive more customer satisfaction.

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