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ExtendedGT Data Analytics and Insights helps organizations to uncover the potential of large chunks of data generated in every millisecond and analyze them to draw valuable insights to generate a high tide of business growth.

Our quality data analytics partners

Make Great Decisions With Disruptive Data

With more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every single day, organizations are adopting winning data strategies that collect data and analyze them to unearth meaningful business trends and customer behavior patterns. These valuable insights spark innovations that lead to ground-breaking business decisions, which itself has the power to maximize the business value and skyrocket the revenue.

Powered by Next-Gen technologies like AI & ML, intuitive ready-to-go digital tools, and automated data experience, ExtendedGT empowers businesses to be embrace agility and be more responsive towards the fluctuating global market. After studying your requirements, we form an expert, hand-picked team of strategists, data analysts, and engineers to offer end-to-end business analytics and insights services that forecast better future and exponential results for your business.

Intelligent Dashboards

Track the real-time performance metrics and make the best decisions 

A business intelligence dashboard or simply BI Dashboard is a data visualization and analytics tool designed to analyze and display business metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) relevant to a business enterprise. ExtendedGT’s BI Dashboard offers easy-to-understand and innovative visualization software well-tailored to help businesses track the real-time performance metrics and make the best decisions even with a quick glance at the data. 

If you are in search of an effective and intelligent Business Dashboard that provides an in-depth and flawless interpretation and presentation of various business metrics, you are almost there! Whether it is an Online Marketing Dashboard or Financial Management Dashboard, or even a School Management Dashboard, With ExtededGT, the top-tier business management can focus on various areas of your business that requires reinvention.

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

Get powerful insight into customer expectations, future risks, and support better business decisions

In the current business climate, businesses need to improve their performance and
reputation and incorporate innovation to meet the growing expectations of a tech-savvy customer community. Businesses these days have millions and trillions of data in
different forms - structured, semi-structured, and unstructured, which is used by
predictive analysts and Machine Language experts to make predictions about business outcomes.

Our Predictive Analysis and Machine Learning Solutions (PAML) equip organizations to get powerful insight into customer expectations, customer experience, future risks, and support better business decisions. At the core of our PAML solutions are Generative modeling, Reinforcement learning, Image/ Language classification, Anomaly Detection, Real-time capabilities, and Forecasting & Predictive modeling.

Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)

Boost your data quality to add more value to your business

Managing data is critical in this digital world. Most of the new-age companies suffer from the risks of Extracting, Transforming, and Loading huge amounts of data relevant to their business. ExtendedGT ETL tools are designed to address all the issues that come in while managing such data and developing a common format to transform them safely into the new database, where they are queried and analyzed. 

The versatile group of expert partners working with ExtendedGT adheres to pragmatic ETL tools and techniques to simplify the complex ETL process, implement successful real-time data integration procedures for your business while maintaining end-to-end security.

AI Metadata Enrichment

Enrich your dataset and merchandize them to accelerate business growth

Data is undoubtedly the most usable and actionable asset of a business. ExtendedGT has the right vision to integrate Artificial Intelligence to enrich your dataset and merchandize them to accelerate business growth and improve your ROI. Our innovative AI-driven Metadata Enrichment solutions eliminate the need for hiring a third-party service to make your content discoverable on diverse platforms.

Before discovering the enriched metadata, our automated solutions extract the open data set and unearth the applicable and the most critical data set with the help of our specialists who are proficient in AI. ExtendedGT’s AI Metadata Enrichment services save your time and money and at the same time help you discover high-quality datasets that can improve the value of your business.

Prepare For What’s Next With Our Data Analytics and Insights Services – together we build a future-proof business that flawlessly responds to its global customers in this ever-changing business landscape. From the start to the end of the analytics value chain, we combine our expertise in every domain of Data Analytics and transform your business to deliver better performance, mitigate risks, reduce customer acquisition costs, improve the sales funnel, and bring overall profitability.

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