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ExtendedGT Digital Strategy and SEO Services

Every Word Search Is a Request To Get It Done
It is simple - when people search you online, we outrank your competitors and connect your business with them.


SEO is the new normalized marketing tactic to confirm the dominancy of your business in the search engines. The ultimate goal is to find relevant keywords that bring in heavy organic traffic. We are here to build customer-centric engagement strategies that bolster profit margins with a stellar user experience. Unlike other SEO agencies, we won’t tie you with the available SEO professionals. Our team of business consultants understands your digital marketing requirements help your business match with the apt SEO strategists from our multi-expertise platform. ExtendedGT is a full-service IT Company with our SEO wing harnessing the potential of Search Engine Optimization techniques to drive favorable digital results that improve your ROI.

Keyword Ideas and Difficulty

It is no more a secret that competitive businesses have to pay more for some expensive keywords and it’s becoming more tough and time-consuming to find relevant keywords. Our skilled SEO analysts strike a perfect balance between low-volume and high-volume keywords to avoid the chances of directing non-targeted traffic and at the same time, drive potential customers. 
Our keyword selection desperately asks for the intention of a search to make it easier for customers to find the products & services they are already looking for. We discover new keywords that bring your business close to your potentials and focus on keyword search volumes to predict how they perform in the future.

Technical Review

Gone are the days of web pages with slow loading, crawlability issues, bad bots, poor URL structure, and insecure content. Search engines penalize websites for slow loading speed, technical and structural flaws, and broken internal links. Even the passive visitors who at first wished to stay with you start bouncing back. At ExtendedGT, we’ll start off with a powerful SEO strategy that serves as a strong foundation on which we build a great site that is more crawlable and compels customers to visit again and again. We leverage exceptional SEO Audit tools to get the site’s health status and optimize it to shoot outstanding user experience.

On-page Optimization

Does your website start getting affected by outdated and over-optimization techniques? Bad SEO is the thing that kills your website faster than No SEO policy. To make your business survive the tough competition and tops the search results, we design flexible digital strategies that get easily adapted to the constantly changing search engine algorithm updates. We boost organic web traffic and improve your website’s Click-Through Rates(CTRs) with good paid campaigns, effective Keyword choices & Match types, Striking ad copy, and Intelligent target audience selection. 
We collaborate with your team to distribute page authority and gain a top position in SERPs by implementing actionable keyword and interlinking strategies.

Off-page Optimization

Do you know that the first SERP receives 71% of all the user clicks? Of course, no customer wants to know what is on the second page of the search engine. With ExtendedGT, you get a pool of extraordinary SEO specialists who help you skip the overhead of adjusting with the pre-occupied team employed by the digital marketing agencies. We have got you covered with our broad network of SEO strategists and analysts, who help you build strong backlink profiles, which is the easiest way to get connected with your customers. 

Why You Need Our SEO services?

Each Improved Position Help You Earn More!

Being your trusted SEO partner, we offer on-time, easy, and time-tested SEO services that upgrade your rank, earn flooded organic traffic, improve brand visibility, and proliferates your profit like no can! Explore our unbeatable SEO platform and unleash the potential of our proven SEO team that helps you climb up the SERP ladder.

Want to talk with our SEO specialists?

Whether you want to design, implement, and maintain bold SEO strategies or plan for optimizing your SEO essentials, partner with ExtendedGT and get full access to our talented SEO analysts.

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