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Our platform gets you the right combination of best IT team depending on your project and skill requirements.

A single IT service company may not have the expertise on all aspects of software development or on multiple technologies. Our platform is trying to achieve this multi-expertise by bringing in all the expert companies together.

Work With Top Consulting & Outsourcing Companies in India

How it works?

Build the team

We scope your project and build an Expert team for you. You will have complete transparency.

Get it executed

Each Expert execute what they are expert on. Our platforms helps to collaborate and aggregate.

And we deliver

The masterpiece created by the expert hands is then delivered to you. We guarantee the maintenance.


Our Experts

You get the best resources selected from the top IT service companies across the world and we help you manage them. We make sure your product knowledge is not tied to a single IT service provider and you can easily add or replace any team with us.

25+ Specialized Technology Partners across 5+ Countries


We help businesses to innovate with industry best practices and recommendations. Never fail to get an expert opinion again.

ExtendedGT Business Solutions Pvt Ltd

KSSIA Technocity, HMT Industrial Estate
Kalamassery, Kerala, India 683503

+91 790 710 9679

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