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Hire from Top IoT Consulting Companies

The Internet of Things makes the world around us more responsive and smarter by merging the digital and physical universes. ExtendedGT with its latest market insights adds another level to the digital world embedded with internet connectivity, sensors and other hardware that allow communication and control via the web.

Our IoT partners


RIOD - We build IoT Products and Solutions

Our world of IOT products and solutions build the way for a seamless and smart future. Our Innovations,In-house R&D team and Flagship products together help our customers stay on the leading-edge in implementing Industry 4.0 products and solutions.

Unleash the potential of IoT with latest market insights and technologies

We develop IoT solutions for businesses operating in a range of domains from software product companies to Non-It enterprises. At ExtendedGT we consider security as an integral part of IoT hardware design and app development leading to digital transformation of enterprises and delivery of new IoT/IIoT products to the market and convert analog products into digital products using IoT platforms, firmware and sensors.and therefore accelerates processes and improves business process efficiency by using machine learning and Artificial Intelligence so that organizations can take steps  to automate existing processes to achieve this objective hence providing an ideal blueprint for automating critical business processes.

IoT Application Development

Helps build custom IoT applications

Process discovery records actions between users and workflows to reveal exactly what’s required to optimize them with tools like Robotic Process The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of hardware devices that can connect and exchange information with each other using the internet. ExtendedGT with its reliable full-stack IoT software development partners helps build custom IoT applications specific to our clients. We work with our customers to understand what hardware devices they need and help on developing custom IoT applications to enable information exchange between these interconnected devices.


IoT Cloud/Mobile App

Provides high quality IoT Engineers.

IoT cloud platforms bring together capabilities of IoT devices and cloud computing delivered as an end-to-end service.The junction of Internet of Things and cloud services unleashes the potential of IoT devices to the fullest, opening new horizons for companies and customers.


EntendedGT provides you with a highly motivating team of IoT engineers who passionately want to be part of the next generation technology and make significant contributions to increasing operational efficiency and productivity by designing IoT solutions for various enterprises. Our Cloud IoT Experts partners can accelerate your success and turn out any business problem to exceptional  breakthrough solutions . and enables companies to achieve faster business agility making your cloud infrastructure drive tangible business value, not costs.

IoT gateway development

Provides robust library of software functions

IoT gateway acts as a network router, routing data between IoT devices and the cloud hence providing additional security for the IoT network and the data it transports, hence the IoT gateway has been specifically designed and can shield individual devices from attack.


At ExtendedGT Our IoT solution also comes with a robust library of software functions that enables rapid implementation in the shortest possible time. Since IoT Gateway is the most important part of your IoT infrastructure, choosing one wisely is most important for the success of your project.ExtendedGT IoT security specialized partners gives you the  right tools to protect your network from attacks to build application specific gateways in the shortest period of time.

IoT Research and Development

Provide industry specific IoT expertise

R&D is an integral part of any IoT project which can optimize costs, reduce risks and minimize time to market for various IoT applications.  At ExtendedGT we manage both technical as well as business elements of a product. We  aim at estimating both the utility of the product, as well as the actual technology for design and implementation of new business solutions using advanced technologies. Our research expert partners specializes in designing proprietary solutions and products, as well as prototyping and implementing new equipment. Our research and development services are designed to provide guidance and support through every stage of product development and to ensure successful entry into diverse global markets.


ExtendedGT industry specific experience and regulatory expertise focuses on interdisciplinary vertical solutions tailored to meet your individual requirements for testing and certification.

With the Internet of Things evolving at a rapid pace, IoT applications need to be developed efficiently to minimize time to remain competitive. At ExtendedGt we understand that there are a lot of challenges and issues like Scalability, modularity, and openness that need to be addressed to achieve the full potential of IoT. ExtendedGT along with our expert partners provide you with an efficient IoT architecture to fulfil the requirements with the potential of simple and scalable management functionalities, big data analytics and storage, and user friendly applications therefore supporting  you in your digital transformation journey.

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