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Google vs. DuckDuckGo: Everything You Need to Know

When you think of searching for something or anything online, only one name comes to your mind. Yes, the one & only Google! However, did you ever in your wildest dreams thought of several other search engines such as Binge, Yahoo, or MSN among others? Enter DuckDuckGo into the mix and now the online-search-world is slowly getting revolutionized & customized; personalized even!

There is no denying that Google Search is an amazing tool. Competitors vie looking for market share & some great search engines emerge that becomes worthy to use (other than Google, of-course). DuckDuckGo is such a search engine and comes loaded with lots of privacy features. DuckDuckGo offers a bit more as well to their searchers!

Let’s look into a brief comparison of these search engines: Google and DuckDuckGo.


This search engine got launched in 2008 & claims to have a simple privacy policy: no collection or sharing of personal information/data whatsoever! No ads, search history, or tracking of IP addresses. DuckDuckGo is unique in this way & continues to thrive and amaze the searchers!


A layout that is quite similar to that of Google with Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) that amount to ten organic search results.

DuckDuckBot, its web-crawler, works well along with around 380 to 400 other sources for compiling its search results. It offers a knowledge-panel-like breakout box with quick-access information for important details.

Business-location directions get pulled from Bing Maps. However, it can be changed to Google Maps, HERE Maps, or OneStreetMap.

DuckDuckGo offers several simple usability and preference tweaks that simplifies an overall process for the user.

Main Features: Privacy, Easy-to-use, and Growing in popularity.


The most robust search engine ever with a vast amount of tools & databases, Google, delivers several relevant, credible answers quickly & easily. Google Maps itself is a testament to the power it possesses along with the search engine itself. A plethora of information gets available from Google and they keep coming up with ground-breaking technologies that simplify many processes and awe us all!

Google offers free tools for all webmasters and marketers including Search Console, and Google Analytics. It has an unmatched ability to understand real-world entities and their relationships.

Main Features: Its best, unmatched with a dominant power of search.

Which to use?

Well, it’s all about your own preference as both search engines offer what you are looking for in a time-efficient manner. All you privacy enthusiasts can go for DuckDuckGo. Now it seems Google is still the best with DuckDuckGo so close behind!

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