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Key Benefits of Automation Testing

In today’s era, lack of proper testing leads to a bad-quality product, delayed delivery, unsatisfied custom service, and an increase in costs. Unplanned test management strategy and a delay in development could be the reasons behind the lack of testing. Thus, the quality of web applications deteriorates drastically.

The best test engineers do try to catch any errors or bugs before the deadline/launch-date but, not all bugs get caught in time. This is where automation testing comes to your rescue! The automation testing helps with a proper Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

So, what is automation testing?

The automation testing process involves an automated-tool for executing all the needed elements on a software application. Almost all automation testing tools scrutinize the actual outcomes & compare them with an expected result to generate detailed test reports. A considerable investment of resources & money is required for the automation testing process. Hence, it is imperative to define the timing/stage of automation, the scope of automation, and the best tool for automation.

Key Benefits of Automation

A test execution that gets scheduled all time, every time!

Automation testing is more flexible for executing the whole process from anywhere in the world. In the scenario of automation testing, scheduled test case executions run at any hour of the day; even remotely from any location.

Regression testing

Automation is the ideal case for regression testing and eliminates the time & manual constraints of the testing process. The time invested for automated testing is a one-time investment & hence provide a quick result and check-ups!


The test scripts are re-used with the same precision & clarity with automated testing as robots seldom tire! With this process, testing becomes easier and faster!

Generating Powerful Test Reports

API (Application Programming Interfaces) gets used for automated testing and it helps in extracting every inch of valuable information. These powerful test reports generated help keep the web applications in check!

Testing on Multiple Platforms in Parallel

Automated testing helps with performing the processes on multiple platforms in parallel. The whole process gets done with high-quality and pin-point precision and hence, it saves a load of time!

Reduced Business Costs

The overall running costs of businesses get optimized through this testing process. Also, the manpower at hand gets utilized more effectively.

Shift-Left Testing Done with Precision

It conveys that the testing phase gets incorporated with SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) and this ultimately improves the product quality.

End Note

With automation testing having these many key benefits & more, it is no wonder one should opt for this process and keep testing!

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