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Hire Top Quality Testing and Assurance Technocrats 

The digital era demands enterprises to redefine their businesses in a way to assure flawless functionality and exceptional customer experience. ExtendedGT helps your business to keep pace with the advent of technologies and makes you stand out in this highly-competitive market.

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Software testing company | Mobile app testing services | Testvox

Testvox is a leading software testing services company specialized in providing independent software and mobile app testing & quality assurance services to product companies.

Catalyze Your Digital Journey with Speed and Exceptional Quality

Today’s hyper-connected digital world requires high-end quality management solutions that pick out the inefficiencies and delays caused by formidable bottlenecks and deliver high-quality, responsive software applications. From preparing a test plan to test execution and assuring operational excellence, each and every stage of your product development lifecycle must be led by domain experts who have hands-on experience in top agile testing tools that automatically resolve future risks and challenges, while ensuring the prescribed quality standards. 

ExtendedGT is a multi-talented platform that is home to skilled quality engineering and assurance technocrats dedicated to meeting your software testing requirements. We offer our clients the flexibility of hiring a multi-disciplinary quality assurance team rather than compelling your products to pass through the hands of a prescribed-set of testers.

Functional Testing

Meeting The Functional Specifications Determines The Usability Of Your Application

When the difference between your application workflow and your functional requirements becomes zero, you can say that your product successfully passed the functionality test. Or in other words, Functional Testing validates whether your software application works as specified by the end-user. 

To carry out a successful functionality test, you need to have a skillful tester in your team, who has the ability to conceive the idea about how the system works in various scenarios. With ExtendedGT, you get an open-ended pool of adept testers who bring in their expertise to develop applications as per the customer requirements.

Performance Testing

An On-Demand Performance Engineering Approach

Is it possible to ascertain the performance of your products before introducing them into the market? The answer is a big Yes. With Performance Testing, you get a clear picture of how your apps work in real-life scenarios. Performance testing is a series of tests designed to pinpoint the bottlenecks related to the speed, scalability, and stability of your software application. The best performance testing types that will continue to rule the coming years include load, stress, spike, endurance, and volume testing. 

Debugging your system in a real-time scenario and simultaneously identifying the performance issues can be easily managed with the right expertise of a knowledgeable testing team from ExtendedGT.

Security Testing

Building A Hack-Proof App Is The Need Of The Hour

Companies are fed up with the increasing security threats and privacy breaches that happen at unexpected times. ExtendedGT’s security engineers uncover the hidden vulnerabilities of your software and secure your businesses from unauthorized access. Availing of our end-to-end security services, not only your software get protected against malicious attacks but also your entire business will be safeguarded from security breaches.

We offer a complete suite of security testing services that help your company get in-depth insights into potential vulnerability assessments by performing a series of IoT enabled testing frameworks to secure your mobile, web, desktop, and client-server apps.

Test Automation

Advanced Automation Testing Leads To Faster Time-To-Market

It’s high time to embrace innovative quality assurance strategies that come with fully automated testing modes instead of manual test cycles. We are approaching a hyper-connected world where time is the highest priority. In such scenarios, relying on time-consuming manual testing methods eat up your time, money, and resources. 

ExtendedGT’s cloud-enabled automated testing platform provides an option to choose the best test environment for your business apps. Hiring our strategic software testing team helps you design a cost-effective test plan that ensures reduced time-to-market. Whether simple or complex, at ExtendedGT, you are free to choose pre-built automated test suites that best suit your apps. 

Do you need a specialized testing team that helps you maintain top-notch quality for your apps, supported with scalability, speed, and security? As a multi-specialist platform, ExtendedGT offers you the right mix of tool agnostic test engineers who are proficient in developing all-inclusive testing frameworks and implementing the best testing standards to accelerate your transformation into a digital business. Our end-to-end quality engineering and assurance services are integrated with next-gen technologies to serve various industries ranging from Banking and financial sectors to hospitality and tourism, media and entertainment, educational sectors, manufacturing and retail, and healthcare sectors.

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