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Hire Experts from Top RPA Consulting Companies

Automating tasks and driving down costs at the same time is a major concern for businesses. While businesses are planning to implement new technologies on existing workflows, considering freeing up staff for more value-added activities becomes mandatory. 

Our Robotic Process Automation partners


Quadance – Undoing Complexites

We help you discover the automation potential and add
performance to your business processes

Extend the Endless Possibilities of Robotic Process Automation

RPA is one of the technologies that can benefit various enterprises and deliver unprecedented value to business processes.


ExtendedGT Robotic Process Automation offers you to automate more business and IT processes at scale with the ease with our expert partners in RPA which has proven to be one the main drivers of digital transformation across organizations, helping businesses maximize productivity and strive in competitive markets.

Process Discovery

Records actions between users and workflows

Process discovery records actions between users and workflows to reveal exactly what’s required to optimize them with tools like Robotic Process Automation and therefore accelerates processes and improves business process efficiency by using machine learning and Artificial Intelligence so that organizations can take steps  to automate existing processes to achieve this objective hence providing an ideal blueprint for automating critical business processes.


ExtendedGT’s expert partner companies help you analyze the gaps in productivity and optimize automated business processes to secure the maximum level of automation and sustainability at the lowest cost possible. Additionally our platform provides state-of-the-art analytics tools to examine team performance and which process to streamline for better productivity.

Business Process Automation

Implementation of software applications across the enterprise to automate routine business tasks

Business Process Automation is the implementation of software applications across the enterprise to automate routine business tasks and achieve enterprise-wide workflow efficiency. Understanding key steps is necessary while formulating and implementing a plan for Business Process Automation to transform your enterprise by enabling end-to-end automation and rapid application development.


ExtendedGT Process Automation Platform streamlines your enterprise-wide workflows by leveraging rapid development and deployment of complex, context-aware, and customer-centric business applications and furthermore, responding to unanticipated scenarios using the platform's dynamic case management capabilities. Our team of expert partner companies assess the existing process and determine automation feasibility for RPA to define and create the architecture diagrams and infrastructure needs for a best fit solution for RPA rollout

 Intelligent Automation  

AI powered autoamation software

The speed of business today requires agility and efficiency that can only be achieved through automation. Intelligent automation besides reducing the costs of workforce augmentation and productivity improvements also Increases process and data accuracy as well as quality through consistent processes.


ExtendedGT's hybrid platform offers you AI-powered automation software which enables business and IT teams to easily discover how processes run, decide what to automate based on insights from structured and unstructured data, automate and continuously improve workflows that run centrally, in networks and all the way to the edge .ExtendedGT Domain Expert partners working with teams across the globe optimizes your business processes to offer Hands-on Technologist using Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation  to solve business problems in Customer Relationship Management, Customer Experience and Business Process Management.

Tools Selection & CBA (cost-benefit analysis)

Provide suitable RPA tools for businesses

RPA tools are processed by the system in order to compute the net benefit of automating the process. RPA is a rapidly growing market with technologies that are still unknown to many potential buyers regarding solutions, features, supporting frameworks, commercials and deployment models etc, selection of the right RPA tools based on your business requirement, required features, application compatibility with the tools and expected outcomes, etc becomes indispensable to automate your business processes.


At ExtendedGT we partner with expert RPA companies who select the most suitable tool for your business putting in perspective the core functionalities of RPA tools like security, cost, scalability, usage and control by targeting automation and productivity enhancement opportunities through varied methodologies like digital innovation, robotic process automation (RPA), intelligent automation, analytics.

Putting in perspective the technological evolution of the last decades and the proliferation of information systems in society, ExtendedGT's along with our expert partners provide you with the right RPA tools associated with AI that can contribute to the improvement of the organizational, operational and business processes associated with your Industry to enhance the functionality of IT processes with ease and no lag time to achieve the expected digital transformation.

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